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1 someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee) [syn: influence peddler]
2 a chemical compound that sets or fixes something (as a dye or a photographic image) [syn: fixing agent]
3 a skilled worker whose job is to repair things [syn: repairman, repairer, maintenance man, service man]
4 synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming; used in narcotic detoxification and maintenance of heroin addiction [syn: methadone, methadone hydrochloride, methadon, dolophine hydrochloride, synthetic heroin]

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  1. Agent noun of fix; one who, or that which, fixes.
  2. A chemical used in photographic development that fixes the image in place, preventing further chemical reactions.
  3. (Criminal justice, law, and underworld) A person who arranges immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion, especially as a business endeavor for profit.


''"A professional bank robber commented on this [a point in the thief's memoir]: 'Perhaps the author means by this that the fixer with whom he is acquainted works only on crimes not involving violence. It is true that there are specialists even in the fix line, and a man who has an in [in = advantageous position] to fix con cases might not be able to fix robbery cases. But if the author means that the fix does not exist in armed robbery, he is badly mistaken. It is merely a matter of knowing the right party to go to.'"'' —Edwin H. Sutherland (ed), The Professional Thief: by a Professional Thief. Annotated and Interpreted by Edwin H. Sutherland, 1937.



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  1. To fix


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Specialist uses


  • A person who uses various techniques to alter the course of a sports game for the benefit of a particular betting party. For example, a boxer who purposefully loses a match or a basketball player (see Ralph Beard) who deliberately misses passes would be called a fixer, provided that they are doing so with prior knowledge by someone who has bet on the opposing player or team.


  • A person paid by foreign journalists to arrange whatever they need in order to file their daily copy. As an example, the New York Times featured Iraqi Ayub Nuri's evolution from Fixer to US and foreign correspondents in Iraq to journalist in a July 2007 piece entitled "At Home, at War, at Risk".


  • A person who arranges immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion, especially as a business endeavor for profit.

General use

A fixer is also someone who solves difficult situations. There was a fixer in Golgo 13. The main character in the book Sentenced to Prism was a fixer. So was the main character in the film Michael Clayton (film).

Popular culture


  • The Fixer, an upcoming tv series about a high-powered female PR executive, inspired by Jodie Foster's character in Inside Man.
  • The Fixer, a UK TV series on ITV about an assassin paid to target people who have escaped the law, starring Andrew Buchan.

Motion pictures

  • Jon Voight's character in the movie Heat portrays a Fixer as someone called upon to obtain passports, guns, and buy information, among other things. A Fixer of this caliber also carries the some of the same duties as a Fence.
  • Brad Pitt's character, Rusty Ryan, in the movie Oceans Eleven is known as 'The Fixer'.

Comic books

  • Fixer, the name of two different fictional characters appearing in Marvel Comics publications
  • The Fixer, an acclaimed comic strip about the Bosnian War



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cobbler, developer, doctor, five-percenter, fixing bath, four-percenter, hypo, influence peddler, little Miss Fixit, logroller, maintenance man, mechanic, mechanician, mender, power broker, processing solution, renovator, repairer, repairman, restorer, serviceman, short-stop, short-stop bath, sodium hyposulfite, sodium thiosulfate, soup, stop bath, tinker, trouble man, troubleshooter, wire-puller
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